Anne Frank’s Diary–How it changed the world

Throughout history there have been many people who have changed the world, but there have been few teenagers who have made an impact like Anne Frank.  Although she did not know that writing a diary would be a piece of history forever, all of her writing has meant so much to everyone in the world.  Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfort, Germany.  Growing up Anne and her sister Margotlived a life like any other child.  They had many friends in school and they played in the streets with these friends.  But as they began to get older their parents, Otto and EdiRh, became scared because Adolf Hitler had started making Jews the center point of his hatred, making the anti-Semitism grow.  In 1933, Hitler came to power changing Germany from a democracy to a dictatorship.  Anne Frank’s parents start to become frightened and make the decision leave the country.  They moved to Amsterdam, where they felt very safe, until the Nazis invaded.  When they invaded they were planning on making all of the Jews move to Germany, which is what made the Franks and their friends the Van Pels go into hiding. 

Before they went into hiding, Anne received a diary for her 13th birthday, this is where she wrote every thought about her experience in this hidden room.  In this diary,she wrote about the fear and the agony that all of the people went through in this terrifying situation.  She wrote about the experiences that they went through in this little room.  They had nothing to do, all they could do was read and do work because they had to be quiet during the day.  A friend of theirs, who was not a Jew, was bringing them food so they could survive.  The food was scarce but they seemed to manage.  The space was even less because of the number of people who were with them.  Times were rough due to the fact that some of the family members did not get along.  Anne wrote about all of this, she expressed her deepest darkest secrets, which were then revealed to the world. 

This book made such an impact on the world because it put the situation with an actual face and it has given poeple an insight that no one would ever have heard without the existence of Anne Frank’s diary.  As people read this book, they become attached to her for many reasons.  She is only a child, although very mature, that has to go through something that some adults today could not live through.  Throughout the book, she looks at the positives and says that she thinks her family will be okay.  As people become more attached to her they also have a harder heart break at the end.  When her family’s secret is discovered and they are taken to concentration camps in Germany.  This is where Anne Frank and her family sadly died, with only two weeks till her camp was released.  The only survivor of their family was her father he found her diary and kept it for safe keeping.  This diary gives people the reality of what Jews went through during World War II, this one diary has changed many people, it has changed the world. 


One response to “Anne Frank’s Diary–How it changed the world

  1. I agree with you. Although it is sad, I love Anne Frank’s story because it is so powerful. She was a great writer and has made a huge impact on how we view the Holocaust.

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